Wednesday, 1 July 2015


Aunty Anne, Lorraine and I got on to this for a challenge to take to Townsville retreat in 2012.
We got to choose all our own fabrics for this one and whichever design we wanted.
I chose an oriental with beautiful cranes on it. Really enjoyed making this quilt with some nice bigger pieces and classic 9 patches, it really is just lovely and as Judy says, some of them are just "mushy" which makes for a nice calming effect.
My quilt is still needing to be bound (has binding on one side and is the subject of a recent post, "Current Projects".
You can see from the photographs below that I have more defined non patches where as Aunty Anne's quilt is more "mushy".
Both fabulous quilts. I had mine professionally quilted by Sharon- "The Patchwork Quilter" here in Adelaide.

Click here if you cannot see the book in your email.

My Quilt- Yet to be named

Aunty Anne's Quilt- Monet's Flight

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