Monday, 6 July 2015


So for the Canberra retreat, only Lorraine and I are doing a book challenge this year. Aunty Anne focussed on finishing UFM's (unfinished masterpieces).  We chose One Block Wonder by Maxine Rosenthal.

Click here to go to Amazon for the book.

It took me a long time to find a fabric but I got the fabric below, called Grand Central, which I got from the City Quilter in New York. It's just divine and it's New York and it's got trains and it is about travel. Many of my favourite topics on one fabric. It is the most lush blue. the photo doesn't quite do it justice. It a very calming blue.
It also took me a long time (3 months) to get the courage to cut as well. With the challenge quilts I like to just do that, nothing else. So once I finally get the courage to cut, I like to keep going. It would be hard for me to get more of this fabric sent before end of July, so I make sure I read first, read again and then read at least one more time. I also have a bit of a rule not to cut fabric much after 7:30 pm. Eyes are tired, brain is tired. No point cutting fabric and messing it up when you can wait until morning and do it right.

Fabric finally aligned- took me about six goes.
I am sure some fabrics just go together quite easily. 
I am sure that it was also the operator being very retentive.


Got the courage to cut my first strip this evening. See below for some sample blocks from the first strip. 

So I have made about 15 blocks on the left there and am designing the others as I go.
Haven't cut all the fabric yet but thought I would sew some blocks for something different to do.
Quite a nice quick process this part.

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