Wednesday, 8 June 2016


Another challenge quilt between Lorraine and myself from the book " One Block Wonder" by Maxine Rosenthal.
The fabric, purchased at "The City Quilter" in New York is part of their Grand Central Line.
It's just magnficent fabric, soft and has a great hand.
This quilt was relatively fast to put together, but to arrange the blocks, I would use the camera on my phone to get the blocks in the right spot. I would then put it on black and white to check the tone.

I did have to get the inner borders and the back (same line) on a random unplanned trip to NYC last July.
I managed to get the to finished in time for the Scquilters Restreat in Canberra.
Just love this.
Quilted by Sharon Vickridge- Smith with a New York Skyline pattern.

" Mottled Monet" - NINE PATCH PIZAZZ

This is one of the patterns taken from Judy Cisneros' book Nine Patch Pizazz.
Such a great opportunity to create a lovely quilt.
This was a challenge between my Aunt and our friend. We had one fabric the same (the green gingko batik) and that had to be used somewhere in the quilt. This worked well with the Japanese style fabrics.
Love the way this turned out and it was the first quilt I sent off to be professionally quilted.
The name is inspired by the name my Aunt gave her quilt.
Quilted by Sharon Vickridge Smith with a gingko all over pattern.

Farmers Wife Quilt

Got hold of this book last year. by Laurie Aaron Hird It's a collection of blocks to make the most wonderful quilt and you can use scraps if you wish. Here are some of my recent blocks. 
It's been nice to just sew lately. Little bit here and a little bit there :) 

Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Allietare Week 6 The Reveal Bonnie Hunter Mystery

So the reveal was upon us early here in Australia.
I was at a friend's house and away from my blocks. 
Decided to do sting centres not solid squares.
Below was the result.

Have loved doing this quilt. I have got better in my piecing. 

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Block 1 sewn together- I love it.

Block 2

It was this photo that has got me over 1000 likes on Facebook!

Some put together on the "design floor".

"The 1000 likes post"

Tuesday, 29 December 2015


Got so many other things I could be doing (housework comes to mind) in preparation for arrival of family for my Grandma's 100th birthday on Jan 6th or even finishing a UFO? But why do things like that when you can start something new and kid yourself that starting to use all the pink strips on quilt as you go blocks will be quality usage of your time tonight?
Pulled out all the pink strips and strings.
These are 4 blocks that will get used somewhere but not sure how.
Will do the tops at 9" and the batting and back at 8.5" so can sew the tops together with no sashing to keep the pattern.
Managed to mess up one of these so instead of ditching that one, cut all 4 down before I realised I would lose the pattern if I had to sash.
Not a drama, can probably use these in the border. 

Monday, 28 December 2015

Allietare Week 5 Bonnie Hunter Mystery

Week 5 and a week of no cutting, just sewing!
You cans my range of neutrals here in this clue. This is just some of the blocks for this clue.

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I have done some of the sewing for this part of the clue. Am waiting for the reveal to see how many more I need as I am doing a smaller quilt. I have loved the opportunity to showcase some of the really fun neutrals I have collected this year in addition to using up some scrap strips from my Scrap User System. This is my third mystery and this is the bravest I have ever been with fabric.


Friday, 25 December 2015

Allietare Week 4 Bonnie Hunter Mystery

With hours to spare, I have finished Clue 4 before 8:30 pm on Christmas Day.
I have used every single day available to complete this clue.
It's been a busy week at the office and with Christmas celebrations today.
Lots of scrap neutrals in each set and lots of different reds and blacks.
Looking forward to seeing what Bonnie has planned for the reveal.
So exciting

You will want to head back to Bonnie's link up so please click here to do that.

Here are all the elements cut out for Clue 4.

12 done! Half way to my goal for my quilt!

Done! In time to post to the links and be ready for the Clue 5 to come out tomorrow night.
I've done a total of 24 for this clue. 


Monday, 14 December 2015

Allietare Week 3 Bonnie Hunter Mystery

Clue 3 began with pulling more neutrals for variety and more strips from the bins.
A simple clue but I wanted to keep it scrappy.

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I even pulled that Scotty Dog fabric from the revered 30's collection. 

I even pulled some random pre cut neutral squares.

I added some greens from the 30's collection. they go well.
I ended up cutting down some 2.5" strips as well.

Here are my twosies- over 30 different neutrals. So much fun.

The headless chook at the bottom fits with the decapitated geese from the last clue. 
Not to self- don't cut fabric after 8pm.

The 4 patches. Love this colour combo. Considering a quilt of greens an neutrals just like this.

Happy Quilting

Monday, 7 December 2015


So this is my current Leaders and Enders project since Patches and Pinwheels moved into construction mode.
Tumalo Trail which is in Bonnie Hunter's book Scraps and Shirttails II
I sewed a bunch of shorter strips together and cut them into 3 patches to sew together.
Almost done with these and will need to move onto the next element of the block, the half square triangles.
Even after P&P and this new one, not much of a dent in the strip stash... I persist!
I even got a comment on my post from Bonnie which always makes my day.

Allietare Week 2 Bonnie Hunter Mystery

Motoring along with #Allietare
Clue 2 done by Sunday. So loving getting to use my neutrals.
16 different reds, 16 different neutrals.
I also got a "great job" from Bonnie Hunter- which is always exciting.
And very excited to see I got a special mention in this weeks links blog post.
Looking forward to Week 3 and hoping to get some string blocks going as I have TONNES of strips and strings already cut and ready to go.

Monday, 30 November 2015

Bonnie Hunter Mystery 2015 #Allietare - Fabric Choice

Slightly different to Bonnie's choice with using the green instead of her gold.
Looking forward to really using the neutrals this year now I am out of the boredom of tone on tone.
So much variety to pick from and still have the option of using strips from by neutrals tub!

Allietare Week 1 Bonnie Hunter Mystery

20 different neutrals to start off the 2015 mystery!


Bicycles, butterflies, spots, swirls, maracas, tape measures, bingo cards, flowers, Christmas decorations and an oriental.
Neutrals are my new favourite thing. Looking forward to using jars and zebras next time! 

Sunday, 30 August 2015


Patches and Pinwheels ticking along quite nicely. Finally sewed all the half triangles together during the week and squared them up today ready to sew together to make the pinwheels.
Although this quilt won't be massive it will still be large (78" x 78") and it really hasn't dented the stash much at all. In any case, I'll love it.
Happy Quilting.

Saturday, 29 August 2015


You'll have to excuse the outer edges around the top, but this is the biggest piece of floor I have. This is my One Block Wonder, just the flimsy but ready to go to the quilter (as soon as the back is pieced).
I Love it. I think it looked best far away, but love it.
The inner borders are fabrics from the same NYC Grand Central Lind and the main border is 6" of the original fabric. The back will be the same blue as the inner border.
Happy Quilting. Next time you see this one it will be finished.

Sunday, 16 August 2015


So, many months on, the top is together. Borders to come. I've put a black and white version so you can see the pattern better.
There is one mistake with a turned block. It's not bothering me but conveniently it is near an edge so I can get it out and turn it if I thus choose. It's not so obvious and doesn't affect the motion.
This quilt is huge and is currently about 80" x 80".
I'm getting my tops ready to take to the quilter. I am hoping to leave 3 or 4 with Sharon to be done. Once the borders are on this, I am sorting out about 3 backs from my yardage.
Happy Quilting