Sunday, 30 August 2015


Patches and Pinwheels ticking along quite nicely. Finally sewed all the half triangles together during the week and squared them up today ready to sew together to make the pinwheels.
Although this quilt won't be massive it will still be large (78" x 78") and it really hasn't dented the stash much at all. In any case, I'll love it.
Happy Quilting.

Saturday, 29 August 2015


You'll have to excuse the outer edges around the top, but this is the biggest piece of floor I have. This is my One Block Wonder, just the flimsy but ready to go to the quilter (as soon as the back is pieced).
I Love it. I think it looked best far away, but love it.
The inner borders are fabrics from the same NYC Grand Central Lind and the main border is 6" of the original fabric. The back will be the same blue as the inner border.
Happy Quilting. Next time you see this one it will be finished.

Sunday, 16 August 2015


So, many months on, the top is together. Borders to come. I've put a black and white version so you can see the pattern better.
There is one mistake with a turned block. It's not bothering me but conveniently it is near an edge so I can get it out and turn it if I thus choose. It's not so obvious and doesn't affect the motion.
This quilt is huge and is currently about 80" x 80".
I'm getting my tops ready to take to the quilter. I am hoping to leave 3 or 4 with Sharon to be done. Once the borders are on this, I am sorting out about 3 backs from my yardage.
Happy Quilting

Wednesday, 12 August 2015


So you saw my box full of squares to be sewn in to twosies, four patches and then 16 patches..... well below are 85 x 16 patches.... not one has the same fabric repeated (but each 16 patch may share similar fabrics) and so now it is on to the pin wheels of which I also need 85.
All the fabrics are cut ready to go and I have done 5 complete pinwheels (just to work out the seams... which I have almost sorted out).
I love using all these scraps, though still not a huge dent in the stash.
Still have a tub full of fabrics to cut into strips.... but that gets boring especially after I just cut fabric for 85 pinwheels!
Happy Quilting

Tuesday, 11 August 2015


For one of our challenges, we had to finish our oldest UFO (mine was the rail fence quilt I have posted previously and I only finished the top so didn't complete the challenge). My friend Jan from Queensland did this twisted hexagons at the Sydney Retreat 10 years ago. She finished it for the challenge, quilted and bound. I walked past saying I thought it was lovely and found it in my hands. This is the first quilt I have been given. I am even wrapped in it now on my couch as I write this post. So excited to have received this gift, I just love it.
Thank you Jan, you really made my year with this gift.

2016 SCQ Retreat Challenge: JARED TAKES A WIFE

For this year's challenge we have come up with Bonnie Hunter's Jared Takes a Wife.
It is a free pattern from her blog Quiltville.
The challenge is a stash challenge meaning we have to make do with our stash.
There are two exceptions to this rule:
1) The yellow community fabric (that you can see on my star points) which we bought at our Canberra retreat.
2) One other fabric purchase for sashings or backing.

I have slightly modified the block by using the black where a neutral should have been used. It will give a secondary pattern when I use black sashing and red cornerstones.

We have 8 ladies in the challenge.