Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Easy St Finished now to send it to be quilted

This quilt is a behemoth. It was pulled out of the UFM box in the vain hope to finish some of the projects I have started. There are posts for this quilt in 2012!!!
I love it. It covers my entire bed it's that enormous!

Belatedly Becs

Started this quilt with plenty of time to get it find not too long after Becs 40th in May 2013. Days turned into weeks and in to months. I only had to see the rows together and bind. Finally on 16th June 2014 I finished it (excluding label). Made with a moda flirt layer cake and 6 of my own squares to give me 6 squares by 8. Quilted with a basic cross pattern to hold it together.
This was the first raggy quilt I bound and I like it. The back is just a spotlight floral I got on sale that I had yardage of. Binding, spotlight fabric that had a glitter on it.