Friday, 25 December 2015

Allietare Week 4 Bonnie Hunter Mystery

With hours to spare, I have finished Clue 4 before 8:30 pm on Christmas Day.
I have used every single day available to complete this clue.
It's been a busy week at the office and with Christmas celebrations today.
Lots of scrap neutrals in each set and lots of different reds and blacks.
Looking forward to seeing what Bonnie has planned for the reveal.
So exciting

You will want to head back to Bonnie's link up so please click here to do that.

Here are all the elements cut out for Clue 4.

12 done! Half way to my goal for my quilt!

Done! In time to post to the links and be ready for the Clue 5 to come out tomorrow night.
I've done a total of 24 for this clue.