Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Blue Bayou Updated 26/12

This is another one of my version of the jelly roll quilt made for my sister Erin for this Christmas. Made from some stash and then from 15-20 cm purchases of blues- one of my educational shopping trips where I realised I can purchase small amounts of fabric so I don't have heaps left. I die cut the strips on my big shot with a 2.5" die... The first picture is the 2000" of fabric (50m) joined together on the 45 degree angle. I just eyeball the seam. This time however my eyeballs were clearly off as I had to resew a few...by using 50 WOF strips or equivalent, you get a square quilt approx 60" x 60".

23/12 Here's the quilt strapped to the dining room table ready for pinning. Binding is prepared and this should be quilted by tomorrow morning.
The other photo is my cat Halo, who loves to test the fabrics- each and everyone by lying on them.

26/12 Blue Bayou quilted, bound and delivered thus closing the Christmas Quilting Duties for this year.
The backing fabric is a pieced back made from a Timeless Treasures fabric from the USA which is really cute but has a totally political theme! Something I didn't realise when I purchased it.

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