Thursday, 10 January 2013

Stash Organising

It's never ending isn't it? The passion for fabric and the desire to have it organised like a quilt shop. I've created a new tub today- Girls Jelly Roll Fabrics. Mainly half yard cuts of fabric that can be die cut in to strips for my current favourite quilt style. Its the mid year project to have some quilts made to sell around Christmas. I'm also going to split my backs and yardage tub in to 2 tubs. As I have enough back fabrics or lengths of fabrics for backs to have their own tub. I'm then going to put 1 yard cuts in to their own tub. I've got some long yardages on spotlight bolts. Thinking of having an orientals tub and a 30's tub as well.  I really need to win 1st division lotto (don't we all). That way I can just sew and sew. This weeks project, the BEHEMOTH that is the wedding quilt. Due on the gift table in just 9 sleeps. Watch this space for updates. I know it's going to be awesome and I'm going to be so excited to hand it over. I'm sending my first quilt to be professionally done next week as well. Friday 11/01/13, I'm meeting with some ladies from one of the Facebook craft groups for coffee in town. Friday night my little friend Emily's 3rd birthday. Going to her house for tea and then a crafty night with her Mum Bec.

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