Friday, 18 January 2013

Operation Wedding Quilt Down to the Wire

And the race if officially on. After 16 hours at work yesterday I lost an evening of quilting. So it was back to the last bit today. I've quilted it- still waiting on official answer from aunty if I should do more. Below is some pictures of the final processes.
1) binding cut ready for pressing- I always make my own from WOF 2.5" strips pieced on the diagonal and pressed in half
2) binding pressed and rolled on a loo roll so it doesn't twist- there's nearly 8m there
3) still with the pins waiting to have binding put on
4) under the machine
5) little bit of impromptu there's plenty of time left border quilting
6) binding going on
7) first monogrammed label
8) Halo wishing it was hers
9) sewing on 24 feet of binding
10) binding blister because I find it hard to wear a thimble.
11) label going on

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